Dry Freight Van & Truck Bodies

Kaminski and Sons Truck Equipment is Buffalo/Western New York’s source for truck bodies and van bodies. We specialize in the customization of dry freight van bodies. We provide ensure the quality of your parcel van body, furniture, and moving van body or curtain side truck body! For more information on the dry body products we recommend check out

Body Heights: 79″, 85″, 91″, 97″, 103″, 109″
Body Lengths: 12′, 14′, 16′, 18′, 20′, 22′, 24′, 26′, 28′, 30′
Body Widths Outside: 96″ & 102″

Exterior Lights:
Meets all federal FMVS-108 requirements. Sealed wire

Floor Type:
Laminated hardwood floor standard – roller track designed
floor available.

Front-End Assembly:
Aerodynamic design with contoured Poly-Tuff corner caps,
aluminum 9″ top radius and 5″ corner radius; Streamlined
extruded aluminum body moldings, connectors, and rails


Mounted with tapered wood sleeper slats and 5/8″ diameter
steel U-bolts. painted black and anti-sail mud flaps

Rear Door:
Overhead roll-up door

Rear Finish:
Various rear bumpers and liftgates are available

Rear Frame:
Air Freight style rear frame – formed steel, including
full-height tapered wedge guides. Grab strap on curbside
and roadside.

Roof Assembly:
One-piece crowned roof – .032″ aluminum sheet. Tension
installed over galvanized steel roof bows on 24″ centers with

Side Walls:
.040″ prepainted white aluminum with hat posts on 16″

3″ steel I-beams on 12″ centers with steel pan over tire area;
4″ structural I-beam longitudinals. Mylar tape between
cross-member and bottom rail.

Closed and open latches:
Two-Panel Door Opening
Floors & ScuffApitong Scuff