Kaminski and Sons Truck Equipment of Buffalo sells new Fisher and Salt Dogg salters and spreaders. These salters and spreaders are idea for medium and heavy-duty commercial applications. They offer an exceptional flow of materials, easy installation, and are virtually maintenance-free. We also service and repair all makes and models.


    POLY-CASTER™ Hopper Spreader

    The Art of Ice Control

    The ability to precisely match material delivery and spread pattern to surface conditions is a fine art. The dual-motor FISHER® POLY-CASTER™ hopper spreader gives you independent control of the conveyor and the spinner so you can do just that. Combine this quiet electric-drive system with the rust-proof double-wall poly hopper and you have the ultimate in de-icing performance.

    PRO-CASTER™ Hopper Spreader

    Pattern of Excellence

    For precise ice control performance, check out the FISHER® PRO-CASTER™ V-box spreaders that set the industry standard for excellence. Available in 8’ and 10’ body lengths in either stainless steel or powder-coated steel, the PRO-CASTER hopper spreader mounts easily on pick-up, dump or platform trucks. With advanced conveyor and drive systems, you get ice control that is nothing short of perfection.

    SPEED-CASTER™ 2 Tailgate Spreader

    Prepare for Ice Season

    When the storms hit, be ready to control ice on parking lots of any size, with the SPEED-CASTER™ 2 tailgate spreader, featuring a 2-stage delivery system that can handle all types of de-icing material, even wet sand! It’s easy to remove and reinstall without tools.

    Low Profile Tailgate Spreader

    For the ultimate in convenience and performance, this line of low profile tailgate spreaders provides a clear view from the cab. Low profile spreaders are ideal for spreading #1 rock salt, calcium chloride and other de-icing materials. So when you’ve got slippery driveways and parking lots to control, and you don’t want bulky spreaders blocking the view, the difference is clear, with FISHER.

    SaltDogg Tailgate Spreaders

    The most cost-effective high quality tailgate spreaders in the industry.

    SaltDogg Electric Drive Hopper Spreaders

    The SaltDogg electric-drive spreaders are powered by 12-volt direct drive gear motors, and are available from 3/4 yard to 6 yard capacity.

    SaltDogg Gas Drive Hopper Spreaders

    Available in stainless steel, powder coated carbon steel or rotationally molded polymer, these slide-in hopper spreaders are powered by a 10.5 HP gas engine.

    SaltDogg Under Tailgate Spreaders

    Undertailgate mounting allows normal use of the dump body, without interference from the spreader. Now available with electric drive or hydraulic drive.

    SaltDogg Municipal Hopper Spreaders

    Available with either a 10.5 HP gas engine or two independent hydraulic motors, these stainless steel spreaders are designed for dump bodies and flatbeds with a GVW chassis of 15,000 to 26,000 lbs.

    SaltDogg Municipal Hopper Spreaders

    Stainless steel hopper spreaders for municipalities and contractors with a minimum 26,000 GVW chassis or 34,000 GVW chassis. These spreaders include two independent direct drive hydraulic motors.