Vehicle Mounted Air Compressors

Need Air? That’s easy – YES, of course – what service truck, utility truck or job site doesn’t? But what is the best source? VMAC is recognized as a leader in the development of world-class mobile air compressor systems. VMAC has revolutionized the mobile compressed air industry with patented Rotary Screw compressor system technology. Save valuable hitch space or deck space by mounting your air compressor UNDERHOOD.

UNDERHOOD compressor system advantages:

  • Approximate total VR70 system weight is 136lbs.  Approximate total VR150 system weight is 206lbs.
  • One lightweight tank/separator, easy accessible filtration, two filters in tank.
  • Patented low profile modulating high flow inlet valve with air filter.
  • Liquid to liquid cooler, integral with vehicle cooling system (no need for electric fans).
  • Cast aluminum mounting brackets easy installation.
  • Fast customer support.
  • Factory trained certified installers.

Engineering specification:

  • Systems in production for most makes of popular light & Medium duty trucks.  Each system is individually designed specific for the vehicle and is engineered in full collaboration with OEM engineers.
  • Design of the drive system is done with calculation of belt tension load, and analyzed with software by major OEM belt drive manufactures engineers.

Bracket design:

  • Digital measuring, Solid modeling and rapid prototyping are used to complete cast bracket design. Allowing quick accurate designs for new trucks on or off site.
  • All designs completed in Solid Works

System design & testing:

  • Up to 2000 hrs durability and life tests on new designs.
  • Each system has CFM / RPM study conformation.
  • Cast brackets are subjected to computerized stress testing to 10g and 600 lbs static load tests.
  • Final belt alignment is checked by .010″ laser alignment.
  • Completed system design is tested 8 hours continual running air system at various CFM.
  • 100 kms highway driving all speeds.
  • 20 kms off road testing.
  • High pressure water aquaplane testing.
  • Belt behavior with high speed video camera mounted underhood.
Features Benefits

100% Duty Cycle No Down Time  = Less time to complete the job = higher profits
Air on Demand Save valuable time charging air-cylinder = Less time to complete the job = higher profits

Air when you need it. Whether it be fire, military or municipal, instant air can be imperative under certain circumstances.

Compact Design The VR70 & VR150 are conveniently mounted underhood which saves valuable cargo and work space or the need to tow a trailer, or allow you to tow a trailer for other job site accessories.
Light Weight Decreased payload reduces the wear and tear of your vehicle while at the same time increases fuel economy. The VR150 which provides up to 150 CFM and 175 PSI weighs in at only 206 lbs.
VMAC compressors are mounted under the protection of the vehicles hood which limits moisture and corrosion extending the life of the compressor. When properly maintained, VMAC compressors should last for the service life of your vehicle.

The underhood mounting system utilizes the engines heat during the coldest months of winter preventing icing and ensuring maximum efficiency of the compressor. Loss of time De-Icing your compressor is now a thing of the past.

No need for towable air compressors. Your competitor may not be able to tow a heavy trailered compressor to the job site. With your VMAC compressor, if you can drive your truck to the site…you have air.

No additional vehicles or manpower required to tow auxillary equipment.

Your truck engine powers the compressor. There are no additional engines to maintain or carry additional fuel for. Again saving you time, money and energy.

No impediments to mobility through traffic. You can be assured of a little more ‘peace of mind’ knowing that you or one of your staff are not trying to negotiate heavy traffic, park in precarious situations, and backup when space can be limited.

Reduced Vehicle Insurance Costs

Tow behind compressors are the target of thieves since the units can be stolen in minutes. You can feel confident that your investment in a VMAC Underhood Compressor is safe.

No requirement for air receiver tank Vehicle efficiency is increased through weight reduction and aerodynamics because there is no need to install a receiver tank and the air/oil separator tank is mounted in a location where additional drag (air turbulence) is limited. VMAC compressors allow for instant pressure of up to 150 CFM and 175 PSIG.
Noise reduction There are no inlet or discharge valves and no unbalanced forces as in the reciprocating type compressors which accounts for the substantial noise level reduction resulting in ease of communication on the job site.
Cost VMAC Compressors cost less than tow behind compressors, cost less to maintain and also save money when considering the cost of trailer insurance, tire replacement, bearing maintenance, engine servicing, etc.